Memorization Of Quran

Memorization Of Quran


  • Memorizing the Holy Quran or part of it with Tajweed.
  •  Understanding the meanings of the verses and surah (Tafseer).
  •  Causes of the revelation of the Quran.
  •  Adopting the most effective ways of Quran Memorization.
  •  Memorizing Quran with effective memorization techniques.
  • Helping Students to reach the Level of Perfection in Quran Memorization.
  • Preparing Students to get Ijazah in Quran memorization.

More Details About This Course

  1. Requirements: None
  2. Class Duration: 30 minutes
  3. Course Level: Beginner
  4. Course Period: Depends upon student’s ability
  5. Tutor: Live Private tutor
  6. Gender: Both Male/Female
  7. Languages: Urdu / English
  8. Class Type: One-to-One