Namaz And Kalimaz

Namaz And Kalimaz


  •  Faraiz of Namaz (Salah’s obligations)
  • Makroohat-e-Namaz (The actions get Salah revised)
  • Preconditions of Namaz  & it’s Mufsidaat (The actions which break the salah)
  • Condition of leading Salah & other Islamic orders of jam’at
  • How to offer Funeral Salah, Passengers Salah, Eid Salah and Missed salah 
  • 6 Kalimaz with translation

More Details About This Course


  1. Class Duration: 30 minutes
  2. Requirements: None
  3. Course Level: Beginner
  4. Course Period: Depends upon student’s ability
  5. Tutor: Live Private tutor
  6. Gender: Both Male/Female
  7. Languages: Urdu / English
  8. Class Type: One-to-One