Best Courses

Norani Qaida Course

Noorani Qaida is for the beginners and children as a basic step. This course is especially designed for beginners and children. This course will lead you towards the complete learning of Holy Quran and Arabic language as well.

Recitation Of Quran

Our Academy has offered this course for the beginners and children. We have designed this course, so that children and beginners can take benefit out of it. It will help you to learn complete recitation of Quran.

Quran Memorization

Quran memorization is considered as an advance course. We have specific teachers for offering Quran memorization course. It is minimum 3 years of course for Quran memorization. Our teachers will guide you how to learn Quran and memorize it properly throughout this journey.

Tafseer e Quran

We are offering the course of Tafseer e Quran as well. In this course we will guide you about the basics of Quran. Then we will learn complete Holy Quran with translation and its purpose as well.

Namaz & Kalimaz

Namaz and Kalimaz are the basics of Quran and we will guide you about it. We have specified teachers for teaching Namaz and Kalimaz course. They are basic towards the learning of Islam.

Daily Dua & Azkar

We learn in this course
1-Daily Duas
2-Duas after prayers
3-Morning and Evening: Adhkar
4-Hajj and Umrah